Help Give Girls a Voice with New Campaign ‘Change Her Story’

With International Day of The Girl coming up on Oct. 11, we at CKSK have been doing a lot of work with the charity Plan Ireland and the Because I am a Girl community for their global campaign for women.

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SoDA 2013 Digital Report

Every year SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies) publish an annual report on the state of digital and this years is out now.

Each year this report just becomes richer and more valuable for agencies, clients and brands alike to read. Some notable points that aren’t necessarily earth shattering but certainly continue the digital trends we’ve been seeing:

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Vine. The 6 Second Instagram

Having spent about a month with Vine I thought it might be worth giving my thoughts to date and most importantly what value it has for brands with their consumers.

If you’re not familiar, Vine is an app and platform released by Twitter that allows you to record 6 second video clips very simply and upload them to the Vine network, share them on Twitter, etc. and view a feed (much like Instagram) of other users 6 second clips. When it first came out…

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Myo – Gesture & Motion Control

Everyone has become obsessed with gesture control systems, whether it’s Microsoft’s Kinnect or projector/camera based systems. The one everyone’s talking about right now is Leap’s new system and while it’s very impressive honestly I think it’s a beautiful desktop peripheral. To me, Thalmic Lab’s Myo (video below) is a real example of some forward thinking innovation.

Now this is wearable, gesture control technology – think Fuel Band/Jawbone Up integration here…

Death of Advertising & Rise of the Engineer

In October last year I spoke at the Dublin Websummit on the death of advertising which I’d like to explore further here. If you’d like some context you can watch that talk here.

In the 1950′s copywriters and art directors in large agencies worked independently, in silos, often not even on the same floor of a building. The acclaimed Creative Director and Founder of DDB, Bill Bernbach could see a problem with this long standing model, particularly with the rapid growth of television. He realized in a world of mixed media, of pictures and words, that separating these two skills was directly inhibiting the quality of communications created by agencies.

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